Interra Baton QC


Provides a direct integration between BLAM and the Interra BATON QC platform.  The BLidget allows fully automated quality control workflows to be built and run in BLAM utilising the enterprise class file-based BATON QC tools.


By managing the interaction with the BATON QC platform within an automated workflow, this connector enables a management by exception operating model to be implemented.  This greatly reduces the need for ‘eyes on’ QC and significantly reduces operational costs without compromising quality.

About Interra BATON

Interra Systems is a market leader in enterprise class quality control for broadcasters and OTT operators.  BATON is a leading M/L and AI enabled, automated QC platform which provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for VoD content, in the cloud / on-prem’, for linear and streaming workflows.  BATON performs in-depth audio/video quality analysis, regulatory checks such as loudness and PSE.  The BATON tools are market proven and used to perform checks for platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Hulu.

How it Works

The BATON QC connector BLidget is typically deployed as part of a new material ingest workflow for distributors, or as part of a delivery workflow for producers / originators.  The BLidget configuration is simple with variables to select pre-stored security credentials, the BATON test plan to execute, a check box to confirm collection of the .pdf report and a selector to determine if ‘warnings’ should set the overall QC status as failed.

In a content ingest workflow, the BLidget is triggered after basic file integrity checks are run using standard BLidgets.  After secure authentication, the BLidget will pass in the details of the media file to undergo QC and the BATON Test Plan to be executed.  Whilst in progress, the BLidget workflow will get status updates and display this in the workflow monitor.

On completion, the BLidget collects the full QC data set from BATON and stores this as temporal data in the QC strata.  Depending on the configuration, the BLidget will output via the + pin for pass or the – pin for fail.  In the event of QC failure, the workflow will typically flow into a Review Task that will allow operators to verify and check errors flagged by BATON within the BLAM time-line based viewer.

Related BLidgets

  • Get Technical Data

Get Technical Data is a standard BLidget that reads in all available technical data (CODEC, resolution, bit rate, audio layout etc.) for a media file and stores this as technical data.  The data is displayed in the Media Panel in BLAM, and may be used in a technical data brancher to make basic decisions and report on file integrity.

BATON QC data viewed on the BLAM QC time-line for operator validation of highlighted errors.

The .pdf BATON QC report is also, optionally, stored as a Child Asset of the Video Asset to which it is related.  This means the formal QC report can be included in a delivery bundle avoiding the need for the recipient to carry out their own QC.