Rename Azure Blob


Renames an Azure Blob in place.



The Blob Name can be supplied as a template. Set Prefix to filter for a specific location in the container e.g. “subfolder_name”.

By default, this BLidget will not allow additional charges for early deletion of an asset in the ‘Cool’ Storage Tier. Toggle the checkbox to allow additional charges. Blobs stored in the ‘Archive’ tier cannot be renamed and must be rehydrated using the rehydrate BLidget before running this BLidget.

Additional information regarding early deletion charges from Microsoft Azure:

A blob in the Cool tier in a general-purpose v2 accounts is subject to an early deletion penalty if it is deleted or moved to a different tier before 30 days has elapsed. This charge is prorated. For example, if a blob is moved to the Cool tier and then deleted after 21 days, you’ll be charged an early deletion fee equivalent to 9 (30 minus 21) days of storing that blob in the Cool tier.