BLAM-3.2009 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2009 – Release Notes

Release Date: 01-09-2020
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • Linear video recorder and scheduled recording functionality added (Commercial Option).
  • Update to Work Order filtering (Commercial Option).
  • Minor UI update to `Workflow Builder` and `Workflow Monitor` views.
  • Technical Metadata layout in the `Media` view updated.
  • Editor UI improvements including temporal graduation and the ability to edit segments previously committed to the time-line.
  • Update to Metadata layout configuration including the ability to export and import configuration via workflows. Vertical line spacing has also been reduced.
  • Double-clicking a task on the `Task` view will now `take` and `start` the Task.
  • Deleting a current Asset Version now automatically sets the next latest version to current.
  • Parent Assets can now be access in BLidget template strings.

BLAM-3 Core BLidgets

  • Add Association and Delete Associate BLidgets, adds/removes an association relationship between two Assets.
  • Set AWS S3 Tags BLidget, allows tags to be set on S3 objects. Tag values may be asset metadata.
  • Excel Metadata Schema Importer BLidget, allows the schema to be created and updated from an Excel document.
  • Assign as Child BLidget, allows an Asset to be assigned as a Child of another Asset within a workflow.
  • Is Complete File BLidget, checks a location to validate if a file is complete or a stub.
  • FFProbe BLidget, allows FFProbe to accessed directly from a workflow.
  • Await File Created BLidget, allows pausing a workflow until an asset file with a specified tag is created on the Asset.
  • Create WebVTT BLidget updated to support EBU STL and Spruce STL files.
  • Get Technical Data now includes Video Rotation and Audio Format Profile.
  • Generate XML BLidget now registers its output as an Asset.
  • Set Metadata Values and Metadata Brancher BLidgets can now use template strings.
  • Run Script (Assets) and Run Script (Custom) are replaced with the Run Script BLidget.
  • Save POST Body JSON BLidget, saves the BLidget input JSON as an Asset.
  • Generate Browse (Media Convert) BLidget updated to allow Video and Audio bit rate to be defined.

BLAM-3 Optional BLidgets

  • AWS Translate BLidget.
  • AWS Transcribe BLidget.
  • Quantel sQ Interface BLidgets to support automated archiving from Quantel sQ systems.
  • Titan File (Legacy) BLidget to support Ateme Windows transcoder.
  • Titan File BLidget updated to support the concatenation of multiple input Asset Files and their Children such as Audio or Subtitles.
  • IPV Curator Importer BLidget improvements and fixes.
Patch 3.2009.1

Release Date: 02-09-2020

  • Fix applied to `Metadata` view when merging an asset to a placeholder