BLAM-3.2010 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2010 – Release Notes

Release Date: 06-10-2020
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • Improve handling of BLidgets with “None” output type.
  • Add “Real Path” to Local file stores to record non-containerised paths.
  • Scheduled recordings can now connect to HLS monitoring streams.
  • Live updates to Storage Panel.
  • Fixed missing EB value in byte unit conversion on the Storage panel.
  • Added additional roles when more than one role set on an asset file on the Media panel.
  • Improved LDAP support to allow users to select domain.
  • Limit login lifetime to 6 hours (if idle).
  • Watchfolders now check the DMZ free space before moving a file to that store.
  • Improved multiple workflow runner support.
  • Improved Blidget file handling.
  • Improved Storage panel user interface including ‘pooled’ storage.
  • Improve handling of time zones with UTC offset model.
  • New API endpoint to query the status of all workflow runs for all blueprints.
  • Added workflow status filter to runs/blueprint endpoint.
  • Added “immediate” trigger to triggers panel.
  • Improved credentials schemas.
  • Asset placeholders can have a “expected type” set for them.
  • Improved Workflow Build and Monitoring designs.
  • “Media Only” filter for search will exclude document types.


BLAM-3 Core Blidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • Generate Browse (MediaConvert): Improved error messaging pass through.
  • Fix for Generate Browse (MediaConvert) so template to correctly passes the input timecode to the output file.
  • Run FFprobe: Fix handling of output when warnings and errors are logged but the process succeeds.
  • Added SplitTrack (channels to track mapping) audio to dynamic audio options.
  • Transcode Dynamic Audio (MediaConvert): Added priority to MediaConvert Job Config for AWS’s priority system.
  • Transcode Dynamic Audio (MediaConvert): Added SplitTrack to dynamic audio options.
  • File Location Brancher: Add optional path conditions.
  • Self-contained transcode BLidget now includes DNxHD, XDCAM MXF outputs.




BLAM-3 Core Blidgets (New)

  • Atomise MXFfirst creates a DNxHD file if one doesn’t exist then atomises the file into OpAtom MXFs for use in Avid systems.
  • Create AAF generates externally referenced AAF file from OpAtom files.
  • Get Assets: Allow dynamic limit based on a metadata value to regulate output count.
  • Check In AAF (Avid Interplay).
  • Import Metadata Schema.
  • Export Metadata Schema.
  • Import Metadata Layout.
  • Export Metadata Layout.
  • Import Assets from CSV.
  • Generate Browse – self contained browse generation with some variables.
  • Update Metadata Query – Query a MySQL DB and update a metadata value of a BLAM asset for use with external systems.
  • Self-contained transcode BLidget now includes DNxHD, XDCAM MXF outputs.