BLAM-3.2011 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2011 – Release Notes

Release Date: 03-11-2020
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • New “Edit Proxy” role for asset files.
  • Advanced Search Templates can now optionally save clause variables.
  • Advanced Search Templates can now be shared between users.
  • Improve 23.976fps handling in browser player.
  • Improve workflow runner robustness for load balancing in on-prem deployed systems.
  • LDAP support now allows for OUs in the DN to be used as group names.
  • Improved robustness for disk operations to overcome network disconnections.
  • Style updates to baseband recording monitor.
  • Workspace objects now show configurable metadata fields.
  • Collapsible search, workspaces and projects views.


BLAM-3 Core Blidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • Transfer S3 Object (Cross Region/Account Transfer) –
  • Copy BLidget updated to use stream copy method for improved data transfer rate for Cloud-OnPrem Hybrid configurations.
  • Added cost tracking to “Download from S3 BLidget”
  • Update “Ateme Titan File MicroService Transcode BLidget” to support multiple source and destination locations with duplicat protection.
  • Updates to the “Quantel sQ / QT connector BLidget” to support job status tracking and end-state reporting for FileFlow operations.
  • Changes to the placeholder fulfilment mechanism to include additional conditions.