BLAM-3.2012 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2012 – Release Notes

Release Date: 09-12-2020
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • Subtitles: subtitle data is now stored in its own table, discrete from the general, audio, and video temporal data.
  • Watchfolder Restrictions: disk-based watch folders can now be restricted to run on specific workflow engine instances
  • File Technical Metadata: Material Package UMID
  • Document Technical Metadata: “Additional Data” property added which is a free form dictionary of key-value pairs assignable to Document assets in BLAM
  • Avid Interplay File Store: new file store type Avid Interplay which can track the location of BLAM assets within Avid Interplay
  • Development Support: Public PythonSDK now available to support the development of BLidgets using Python


UI Updates

  • Subtitles Panel: new panel added for viewing and editing subtitle data on a time-line basis
  • Search Panel: copy to clipboard for an advanced search query
  • Metadata Panel: new “Tags” metadata field type
  • QC Panel: new editorial comments tab for registering time-stamped comments
  • Workflow Builder Panel: new error message displayed when trying to save a workflow blueprint which contains errors
  • Tasks Flow: tasks can now be configured to navigate and filter results on the WorkOrders panel
  • Video Player, Select Audio: the video player now allows .wav files which are child assets to be selected and played instead of the embedded audio
  • Recording Panel: various UI improvements to support Quantel sQ and Ateme TITAN Recorder functionality
  • File Access Restrictions: downloading of master files can now be disabled globally through configuration
  • Triggers Panel: extended selectable options for triggering workflows on a schedule
  • Workspaces: Right-click to rename or show asset count, single click to clear Workspace content
  • Search Panel: dividers can now be scrolled up/down by new arrow buttons

BLAM-3 Core BLidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • QC Brancher:  Branches on QC metadata values
  • Temporal Brancher:  Branch on temporal metadata values
  • WebVTT Writer: Generates a WebVTT from stored subtitle data
  • Transcode (Preset): extended transcode options to include Avid DNxHD 36, 120, and 185; can now burn in a logo by selecting any BLAM image asset tagged as “Logo” from the drop-down
  • Set Start Timecode: new blidget for burning in a new timecode to AV files
  • Get Workflows: Retrieves workflows, can be chained with excel report writer BLidgets to generate automated reports

Connector BLidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • Transcribe AWS:  can now save the output directly to a WebVTT subtitle file
  • Amazon Object Rekognition: new blidget that connects to amazon’s object rekognition service
  • Telestream Flip: Controls to Telestream Cloud Flip service
  • Create Group AAF: Creates grouped video AAF sequence files
  • Convert EDL to AAF: Converts a BLAM EDL to AAF sequence file for use in Avid or Adobe Premiere
  • Create Master AAF: Creates Master Clip AAF file
  • Register Files AAF: Reads and matches/registers referenced source media in BLAM, can be used to checkout sequences from Avid
  • Check-in AAF: Checks in AAF files into Avid Interplay
  • Move Asset Avid: Moves Avid Assets to the designated folder within Avid Interplay
  • Delete Asset Avid: Delete Avid Asset from Avid Interplay
  • Search Asset Avid: Search for and return the matching BLAM asset from Avid Interplay
  • Register Asset Avid: Registers Assets directly from an Avid Interplay folder into BLAM
  • Cross-Region Copy S3: Copy S3 objects between S3 regions, all S3 BLidgets are region locked by default
  • Atomise Asset: Atomise input media into Avid DNxHD 36, 120, and 185 Op Atoms for checking into Avid Interplay



  • Audio Information number fields are now nullable
  • Saving a workflow blueprint should now succeed on the first click attempt
  • Fixed a bug that could cause BLidget errors on windows based systems when the BLidget polling state information was very large
  • Tasks Panel now correctly shows the user name of whom has checked out the task
  • Login page now remembers the last selected login service selected from the drop-down