BLAM-3.2101 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2101 – Release notes

Release Date: 12-01-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • BLAM 3 core built using latest framework – .NET 5.0.
  • SDK extended to support configurable Username, Password or Bearer Token (to support use outside of Blidgets).
  • Update to support PostgreSQL Database.
  • New optional configuration for Redis backbone for signal R used for multi-API deployments.
  • Search updated to support “fuzzy” operators ~ e.g. description~some words here.
  • Folder search now returns top level folders or the matched folders by default.
  • Background queue is used for updating the lookup table if the request didn’t come from a workflow.
  • “Clear workspaces” update to call DELETE api/workspaces/{id}/assets.
  • Excel script now allows autofitting a single column.
  • Action Tasks updated to allow a list of required fields to be completed before the task may be completed.
  • Folders may now be submitted to a Workflow in their entirety.
  • Expansion of Image Aspect Ratio calculations.

UI Updates

  • Allow pre-populated data to be configured.
  • Folders list now ordered alphabetically.
  • Updates to search and advanced search filters.

BLAM-3 Recording Service

  • Signal R Live Update mechanism added to Recorders, pushing update messages to all listening clients on change of Recorder, to ensure all have latest values.
  • Recorder channels updated to include a ‘Crash Record’ capability providing instant start.
  • Any In-progress Recording (Crash Recording or Scheduled Recording) on any Recorder channel can be stopped directly with single click.
  • Added Ateme Titan Live Recorder Service connector to recorder scheduler.
  • Added default ‘Handle’ time for each Recorder Channel.
  • Added Reserve Timer for reserving a channel against the configured ReservePeriod.
  • Updated clash detection to evaluate Handle, Lead Time, and Reserve Period.
  • Fixed refresh bug when getting Channel Information from the recording service.

BLAM-3 Core Blidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • BLAM 3 Blidgets now built using .NET 5.0.
  • Fixed not present in dictionary error when checking IsGrouped in Process Work Orders BLidget.
  • Fix BLidget temp folder not deleting when a node is cancelled.
  • Added H264 6,8,10 Mbit Transcode Presets.
  • Fix EasyTrack Get Versions functions.
  • Fix for intermittent issue with Workflow Runner not deleting temp BLidget.

BLAM-3 Core Blidgets (New)

  • Add Data Task – New Task type for keying of mandatory data with validation.
  • Has Parent Brancher – checks if an Asset has a parent.


  • Fix folder search not inheriting metadata when ResultLevel == Default.
  • Fix FolderLookup error when folder has no metadata (only in cases where the folder was moved from one parent folder to another).
  • Fix direct ID folder search for subfolders when top-results only is requested.
  • Fix fuzzy search not allowing trailing wildcards.