BLAM-3.2102 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2101.1 – Release notes

Release Date: 15-01-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

  • Added Handle, Lead Time, and Reserve Period to the front end recorder panel
  • Add the Seconds component to the Scheduled Start and Stop Time values in the front end, and adjust calculations.
  • Allow the display of audio track summaries on the metadata overview or panel, e.g. @original/audio/all/bitrate


BLAM-3.2102 – Release notes

Release Date: 02-02-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version: 3.0.4

BLAM-3 Core

  • Added Distributed Cache service to API.
  • Empty Output is now treated as success (no error) but with an Empty Output message.
  • Allow Workflow Run Node Success/Progress messages, e.g. “4 assets copied”.
  • New permissions for Project Templates.

UI Updates

  • Display of BLidget categories on the BLidget list.
  • Colour-coding in BLidget help dialogs to distinguish data types.
  • Search result highlighting for fuzzy search.
  • Allow assets to be dragged from the related assets on the media panel for e.g. dropping into a workspace.
  • Updated Editor panel to handle Review Tasks of an EDL (auto-loads the EDL in the timeline and auto-opens the first Asset of the EDL in the preview window).
  • View, create and delete Project Templates.
  • Allow manually creating a placeholder in a folder or as a child/parent via the Upload Panel.

BLAM-3 Recording Service

  • Allow Workflows to be set to be triggered on Recording Start and on Recording End.
  • Allow a Workflow trigger to be assigned to a specific each Recorder Channel.
  • Allow a File Store to be set against a Recorder so the Recording Service.
  • Added Recording Blueprint to API for defining recurring recordings.
  • Updated ScheduledRecordings to Recordings, updated API endpoint and models.
  • Added Live Updates to Recorders for real-time monitoring.
  • Added next 24 hrs to GetRecordings refresh interval to the Recording Service, refresh also triggered when RecordingBlueprints are updated.
  • Recording Timeline allows Scheduled Recordings to be created directly from clicking future empty space on a channel row.

BLAM-3 Core BLidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • Create Master AAF: Fixed incorrect path being provided to set media to real path.
  • Updated AtemeTITAN SDK client to allow bespoke base url (including relative path) and optionally set port number.
  • Added to Technical Data Brancher: “Exists” option to check that a property has a value.
  • Fixed Root Path and Relative Path maps when reading and writing AAF files.
  • Atomise Asset File (Avid): Fix not setting the tape name.
  • Update to WorkOrders: Asset ID: Interpolate any input data type.

BLAM-3 Core BLidgets (New)

  • Export Workflows (XML): For bulk exporting BLAM workflows.
  • Import Workflows (XML): For bulk importing BLAM workflows.
  • Get sQ Clip: Get individual Clip Data from Quantel for a Quantel Clip ID. 


  • Fix workflow runner query timing out if there are too many queued nodes. Add quasi-pagination, retaining prioritisation and concurrency behaviour.
  • Fix fuzzy search erroring on some special characters like ‘(‘ ,’)’.
  • VideoPixelAspectRatio is now displayed consistently with VideoAspectRatio.
  • Improve search table maintenance performance when assets added/removed from folders.
  • Fixed bug in frontend which was incorrectly URL-encoding DateTimeOffsets passed as URI parameters.
  • Added missing type to advanced search drop-down menu.
  • Allow streaming links to access assets with group restrictions.
  • Prevent auto-loading assets when they are dropped into a workspace.
  • Prevent deleted assets showing in the related assets view on the Media Panel.