BLAM-3.2103 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2103 – Release Notes

Release Date: 01-03-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core

  • Add additional wordbreakers _, -, and . for full text search (using an additional searchable suffix).
  • Allow Default Sort By option to be changed/removed.
  • Replace all PG ts_vector indexes with GIN indexes to allow much larger values to be stored.
  • SplitQuery for improved performance.
  • Free strata for temporal data. Updated from previous, audio / video / general restriction.
  • Added field validation to API.
  • Allow watch-folders configuration to filter by file extensions (comma/semicolon separated, dot optional).
  • Watch-folders now always ignore 0 byte files.
  • Added new {{RECORDER(…)}} and {{RECORDING(…)}} functions to the SDK template interpolator.
  • Remove DateFinished from restarted run nodes.
  • Premiere AAFs are rendered as new versions.
  • Save Values checked by default when saving an advanced search template.
  • Work Orders configuration is now more efficient and allows the “main” fields to be renamed or removed.
  • Added EditFramerate and StartTimecode to EDL base model.
  • Added DateCreated and DateModified fields to all parts of the EDL to be in line with other BLAM Marker types.
  • Updated EditMarker colours to be in line with Adobe.
  • Added IN and OUT definitions to EditMarker Form.
  • Added recording.Title interpolation to recording-service when a new recording is first picked.
  • Front-end process to ‘monitor’ the Recorders after clicking to Start or Stop a Record, to directly indicate if the Recording Service completed the action correctly or failed.
  • Added Credentials to Recorder entity to replace Hostname Port parameters.
  • Added Recorder Schemas to the recorder entity.
  • Make the Placeholder Asset optional when creating/editing a Recording, only create this from the front-end if Metadata will be added to the Recording.
  • Added support for triggering and stopping backup recorders when using Ateme TITAN record.
  • Fixed bug in EDL order when querying via Asset repository.
  • Fixed setting the node.WorkflowRunneId and node.Message to null when restarting a Cancelled or Failed BLidget.
  • Fixed bug in TS Cutter when Get Technical Data hadn’t been run on the input clips.
  • Fix workflow schedules (3, 6, 12 hours) infinite loop.

UI Updates

  • Enabled DisplayName [EU West (Ireland)] or SystemName [eu-west-1] when using the region when creating S3Clients in the S3 Link Generator and Get Technical Data S3.
  • Added field validation and schema selection to front-end.
  • Search comments automatically on fuzzy (flex) search.
  • Pagination of temporal metadata on metadata panel.
  • Allow filtering of matched comments and selected comment strata on Temporal tab on metadata panel.
  • Fix HTML markup being removed when comment match terms highlighted.
  • Fix copy search query to clipboard and remove superfluous AND when no clauses have values.
  • New find-replace capability on temporal logging panel for bulk updates and corrections.
  • Highlight search results containing space-separated terms if they appear in a different order.
  • Added custom sort to Asset Files on media panel, now Master, Browse, Edit Proxy and Thumbnail will always be at the top of the list.
  • Added sorting to all right click menus when submitting to workflows.
  • Added missing filter to recorder selector buttons on recordings panel.
  • Added edit markers to editor panel and EDL model.
  • Allow hiding workorder external data fields in the UI by prefixing a __ to the name.
  • Updated recorders panel to show recorders and any configured backups.
  • Fix Task details pane in light mode.
  • Fixed front end bug to filter out Main and Backup Recorders across all panels.
  • Fixed Recorder Modal to disallow chained backups and setting backups to oneself.

BLAM-3 Core BLidgets (Fixes and Improvements)

  • BLidget aliases can be created with the provided script (in Data/Scripts/SeedData).
  • Added StartsWith or Contains tag check to the HasVersions BLidget, these are optional, by default any versions will return true.
  • Increase in file stream chunk size for Checksum BLidget.
  • Set concurrent streams to 20 when downloading from S3 as the default, this matches the upload configuration.
  • Added ability to generate EDL -> AAF sequences for non-OpAtom files.
  • BLidget aliases can be created with the provided script (in Data/Scripts/SeedData).
  • Removed Read Archive Contents S3 BLidget as functionality is now merged with Read Archive Contents via the streaming link generator.
  • Fixed AWS region bug in Translate and Transcribe BLidgets.
  • Added AWS region to Seed Cost Data BLidget.
  • Linux fix for Read Archive Contents BLidget.
  • Added supported image list to the Convert Images BLidget.
  • Fixed bug in Analyse Disks BLidget so that it now uses the global LogDirectory variable.
  • Register Files BLidgets may now be set to disallow duplicates based on OriginalFilenames, and allow non-DMZ root paths.
  • Update Excel Metadata Importer BLidget to remove intermediate XML conversion step and add in conditional filtering capability.
  • Added grouping to Create EDL from Asset BLidget.
  • Added non-OpAtom support to create master AAF BLidget.
  • Fixed bug in Update WorkOrder Item BLidget which was not passing all the work order item variables to the update method call.
  • Update to report collection process for Telestream QC by requiring the user to configure a copy action.
  • Fix OPTA Data Processing BLidget allowing the clearing of stratum first.
  • Update to convert EDL to AAF BLidget to allow the target to be configured.
  • Updated check availability logic in Copy S3 Object BLidget to always pick the first available location even without a restore expiration set.
  • Updated Media Convert EDL and Browse BLidgets to now use the first available filestore and added additional default profiles for rendering XDCAM and ProRes.
  • Updated Convert EDL to AAF BLidget to support descriptive metadata/markers.
  • Updated Convert EDL to AFF BLidget to use new property names.
  • Updated Create EDL from Asset BLidget to build project folder (this has now been removed from the API repo method as it was unused).
  • S3Transferer uses the List Objects method rather than Object Header as permissions required for cross-account transfer.
  • Retry mechanism in Download from S3 to overcome permissions issues seen on some on-prem S3 interfaces.