BLAM-3.2104 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2104 – Release Notes

Release Date: 08-04-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core API & Workflow

  • Improved handler for corrupt BLidgets which generates more verbose log data.
  • Move source to Asset folder links to destination Asset when merging.
  • Addition of ‘Bit Rate Mode’ and ‘Maximum Bit Rate’ of media file to technical data table.
  • Fixed BLidget bug so Booleans within groups of configurations will save and load correctly.
  • New ‘Folders I/O’ type for Workflow to allow operations at a folder level.
  • Auto-complete Related Tasks function to remove redundant Tasks.
  • Added ability to Set Workflow names.
  • None I/O now allows any data type as an input at the start of a workflow.
  • DATETIME interpolation functions can now take a timezone argument.
  • Fix soft-deleted assets being shown in folders.
  • All .Net packages updated to latest release.


BLAM-3 Core UI

  • Fix for single frame stepping in 23.976 frame rate media.
  • Improvement to Workflow operations. Workflow persists when switching from Workflow Monitor to Workflow Builder.
  • Workflow builder canvas new “snap to grid” layout for people who like straight lines.
  • Fix to prevent video player head being set below the SOM.
  • Aggregated all timeline features into a single class.
  • Improvements to timeline zoom function, including click/drag of the Zoom Window for QC, Subtitles and Temporal Logging panels.
  • Added Zoom Out functionality to QC, Subtitles and Temporal Logging timelines.
  • Advanced Search date picker fields are now pre-populated to ‘Date-time-now’ if value not set.
  • Added basic C# example script to Run Script BLidget as an example.
  • Improved handling for permissions notifications. The UI now lists the missing permissions.
  • Live updates for Tasks panel and improved overall performance on large data sets.
  • Improvements in messaging for operators ‘taking’ in-progress tasks.
  • Live updates on WorkOrders monitoring panel.
  • Added ability to set table headers on the WorkOrders view.
  • Added ability to set table headers on the Tasks view.
  • Added Submit Folder to Workflow to project context menus.
  • Added context menus to Work Order tables.
  • Added ability to delete individual work order items and Services.
  • Update to Angular 10.


BLidget Updates

  • Transfer via FTP – updated to optionally use stored credentials and fix applied for creation of new directories.
  • Excel Report Writer (Script) – updated to remove illegal characters from output file path, and fix for version downgrade breaking styling on new rows.
  • EasyTrack Update MAMID/Location BLidgets updated to also set Data Master location.
  • Analyse Quantel Storage updated to fix Capacity and Used Space values as these are percentage based, not bit/byte based.
  • Get Technical Data/S3 Blidgets and Technical Data Brancher BLidgets updated with data values for Bit Rate Mode and Maximum Bit Rate.
  • Get Assets – update for search limiter to factor in asset types.
  • Refined S3 Object selection to be first available in all S3 related BLidgets.
  • Set S3 Storage Class updated to prevent the workflow from changing the class of GLACIER that are less than 90 days old and DEEP_ARCHIVE that are less than 180 days old.


New BLidgets

  • Retrieve from Quantum – controls the restore from LTO function on a Quantum tape library.
  • Vantage Transcode – allows Telestream Vantage workflows to be controlled.
  • Create Folders From XML – allows folder hierarchies to be created from XML templates.
  • Aspera Shares Transfer (WorkOrders) – allows deliveries via Aspera to be managed as a WorkOrder Service.
  • Review Link Task BLidget – a new Task type which generates a one-time use link.
  • Import Recorder Schedule – parses recoding schedule (template) to set Schedule Recordings.
  • Search Folders – allows folders to be searched within a workflow.
  • Delete Folder – allows folders to be deleted within a workflow.
  • Rename S3 Object – allows an object stored in S3 to be renamed in place.


Premiere Pro Panel

  • Updated Search functions to match the recent BLAM UI updates including Advanced Search.
  • Updated folder ordering to be alphabetical.
  • Live updates on Workspaces and Tasks panels.
  • Openning of.prproj Assets opens the project in its own right rather than importing it into the current project.
  • Management of Premiere EPR files as BLAM Assets.
  • Fix Premiere search returning non top-level folders.



  • Titan LIVE – implemented recording name interpolation and live updates for recorders and recordings.