BLAM-3.2105 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2105 – Release notes

Release Date: 09-05-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core API and Workflow

  • SAML integration for 3rd party service provisioned authentication.
  • Folder search results level “Direct” – returns folders that have metadata values saved directly, i.e. not inherited.
  • Option to completely turn off watch-folders on a particular Workflow instance for use in hybrid cloud-ground deployments.
  • Allow per-service DMZ to be specified so that watch-folders can copy more efficiently.
  • Platform Email Templates are now configurable from the Configs panel.
  • Email Templates are now selectable as a type in Blidgets.
  • Logos can now be set on a per organisation basis or as global defaults.
  • Application title can now be set using the `AppTitle` environment variable.
  • SuperAdmin can now take any task without being assigned as a user or part of a Group.
  • Workflows now pass on the triggering User data when triggered from another workflow.


UI Updates

  • Unified Video Player controls across the different Panel views.
  • Display number of Assets when sending Workspace to a Workflow.
  • Confirmation modal on clearing a Workflow.
  • Show grid when dragging Blidgets on Workflow Blueprint canvas.
  • Bulk metadata updating via a workspace in Metadata view.
  • User icons now identify (by colour) the domain under which they are logged in.
  • Allow folder search precision to be configured.
  • “Find in Projects” option on Asset context menu.
  • Allow metadata layout/overview to set “fall back” values, so if field ‘A’ does not have a value the UI will display field ‘B’.
  • UI now ‘remembers’ the last Organisation the user was logged in as and will attempt to log back in on that organisation.
  • Subtitles assigned as child assets can now be selected by right clicking the ‘CC’ button on the video player.
  • Search Queries can now be sent directly to a Workflow using the `>` at the bottom of the search panel.
  • Option to send search results to a Workspace using the `>` at the bottom of the search panel.
  • Create Stills button added to logging and qc panels, configured workflow creates a still image as a child asset.
  • Save Panel Layout button for saving divider positions on a per user basis.
  • Performance improvements to WorkOrders panel for large data-sets.


BLAM-3 Core BLidgets

  • Send Email from Template.
  • Delete WorkOrders.
  • Add Logo – used for setting organisation specific logos.
  • Trigger Workflow (Folders).
  • Create Folders From XML (WorkOrders) – creates folders from structured data and invokes WorkOrders in a single step.


BLAM-3 Core BLidget Updates

  • Get Work Orders – may now be configured to select by a date range or multiple date conditions.
  • Register Unzipped Files – may now be configured to create a BLAM project/folder of the contents when registering as BLAM assets.
  • Register Unmanaged Files S3 – now syncs file locations of assets that are already registered rather than skipping.


BLAM-3 3rd Party Connector BLidgets

  • Vidchecker QC Connector.
  • Export Media to Yella Umbrella Nebula platform.
  • Raise Task in Yella Umbrella Stellar platform.
  • Aspera P2P Transfer Blidget – connector to the Aspera Enterprise Node API.
  • Aspera Shares Transfer Blidget – connector to Aspera Shares API V1.
  • Aspera Shares Clear Up Blidget – connector to Aspera Shares API V1.
  • ADI XML Reader Blidget to extract metadata from ADI Package XML.
  • BAFTA Electron Parallel Transcoder connector.
  • ScreenOcean Publish connector.
  • ScreenOcean Delete connector.