BLAM-3.2106 – Release Notes

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BLAM-3.2106 – Release notes

Release Date: 02-06-2021
BLAM-3 SDK Version:

BLAM-3 Core API and Workflow

  • AuthorizationLevel.User will now return default email template correctly when no override is set on the organisation level.
  • Configurable BLidget retry options now available.
  • Improved error messaging for incorrect input data.
  • Minor efficiency improvement to get next node run data.
  • Added missing locale registrations to app module.
  • Added ability to freeze user accounts for temporary suspension.
  • Task Due Date now active in BLidget configuration, may use interpolation.
  • Watchfolder DMZ can now specify a relative path.
  • Added Name= or Environment.MachineName to API log file to facilitate multi API environments.


UI Updates

  • Additional Day/Week/Month View buttons on the Scheduled Recording Calendar View (outside of scrollable area).
  • Specific Metadata Fields can now be added to the one-time review link task.
  • Button colours now customisable on review link task.
  • Top bar and menu items font colour may now be set to support contrast.
  • QC panel controlled vocabularies now available in configuration.
  • Added right-click context menu and multi-select to Tasks table.
  • Allow a new base Start Timecode to be set on the Edit Panel when Rendering an EDL.


BLAM-3 Core BLidgets

  • Move File (moves a file on the same filestore, allowing rename).
  • Get Child Assets.


BLAM-3 Core BLidget Updates

  • Allow GenerateQcThumbnails to read directly from disk.
  • Allow multiple input connections on Workflow nodes – workflow convergence.
  • Add Output Format selection, Image Cropping and Image Resizing to the Convert Image blidget.
  • Email Blidgets will now use the current master for file-related interpolation.
  • Overwrite option for ‘Copy’ Blidget.
  • Register Folder (Zip) will zip up the contents of a folder and register it as an asset in BLAM.
  • Added setting of start timecode to ‘Render EDL’ and ‘Render EDL Usinf Media Convert’ BLidgets.
  • Expand the Zip BLidget into Create Archive Blidget, allowing multiple formats of output Archive file to be generated.


BLAM-3 3rd Party Connector BLidget Updates

  • Vidchecker – add VC Task ID to metadata and add missing enum values.
  • RetrieveFromQuantum – new ignorePath argument.
  • Fix EasyTrack ProductsMove date format, and error the Blidget when retries are used up.


BLAM Adobe Premiere Panel

  • Work Orders tasks now support media import.
  • Folders can now be set as Render Targets, and will create their own Placeholder.
  • v3.0.09 – Allow SAML authentication in the Premiere Panel via an iframe.
  • v3.0.12 – Fix Premiere Panel shift/meta key presses on Mac.