S3 Watchfolder set up (SNS)

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Instructions on how to set up an S3 watchfolder.

S3 Bucket

please let us know:
• The bucket name
• The access key ID and secret key to access this bucket.

We will mount this in BLAM, allowing BLAM to see the new objects and upload or download them when desired.

SNS Subscription to the Topic

• SNS Topic – this is where the notifications get pushed to.
• Configure an HTTPS POST to https://{{BLAMURL}}:5100/api/s3objects  e.g. “https://demo.bluelucy.com:5100/api/s3objects”. This endpoint listens for notifications, and triggers a workflow to register the new S3 objects as BLAM assets. There’s an initial subscription request made to the service – if that works then the system is ready to go.

S3 Event

• S3 Event – In S3, Navigate to Properties -> Events -> Add new event . “All object create events” – send to the SNS Topic you created.
• It’s also worth setting a prefix here: This is a folder within S3 (or it could be the root, or “/watchfolder”, etc.) that will fire the events to BLAM when objects are created inside it.