BLidget Category: Integration Connectors

GrayMeta Iris Anywhere Connector

Netflix Connector

Amagi Connector

Hootsuite Connector

Allows content to be uploaded to a Hootsuite account. Continue reading →

ALTO Connector

Webgate Upload


Used to upload an essence to the specified resource path on Webgate.



Specify the credentials to use to connect along with the resource path to upload to, using a forward-slash / as the delimiter.

Resource paths are case-sensitive and are (usually) in the format: project_name/room_name/folder_name/sub_folder_name, where only the project level cannot hold files.

Box Connector


Upload content to Box platform.



Enter the Client ID and Secret as username and password of the Box app which is being used to manage the Box app. Enterprise ID is the ID of the Box enterprise which is associated with the account where the Box app is registered. Destination Folder name is the name of the Box folder. By default this folder will be created within the home Box directory of the account where the Box app is registered. Share with Email option allows an email to be specified to be granted folder level access for where the content is created.

Qumulo Connector

Snapchat Ad Campaign


Creates a Snapchat ad campaign from video file.



Attach a video file and provide user access details to the ad manager account.


Connect with a Zoho account to retrieve client details for existing contacts. Continue reading →