BLidget Category: Maintenance Tools

Set System Logo


Sets the input essence as a platform logo.


Supported image types: .BMP.GIF.ICO.JPG.JPEG.PNG.SVG.TGA

System logos:

  • Splash – log in page logo
  • TopBar – image logo located next to the organisation select menu
  • Menu – organisation image used in the organisation select menu
  • Footer – footer image used on public preview player
  • Favicon – web browser favicon
  • Hero – storefront landing page background image
  • Storefront – storefront header image
  • Sso – single sign on image used for SAML login
  • Custom – user defined image

Can be used to customise the platform UI. Files must be located on local or network disk based storage.

System logos are publicly accessible via the api/logos/{logoName} API endpoint.

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