BLidget Category: Data Operators

Generate PDF (Work Orders)

Creates a PDF from an office document. Continue reading →

Temporal Data to EDL


Creates an EDL from temporal markers. Creates an EDL per temporal marker or a single EDL from all temporal markers.


Can be used as part of a production workflow to create an EDL for rendering or playout services.

Import Event Data (Opta)


Imports match event data as temporal markers against an asset and (optionally) triggers a workflow on the event temporal marker.


Can be used alongside a live match recording to input game events as temporal markers and dynamically generate EDL snippets.


  • Time Zone – UTC to Time Zone offset to apply to the match events
  • Opta API Credentials – Opta API credentials to use
  • Fixture ID Field – Metadata field containing the Opta fixture id
  • Polling Interval – Frequency to poll the Opta API for new events
  • Timeout – Period before BLidget times out
  • Add Event Listener (Multiple):
    • Event Type – Game event type to listen for
    • Handle Time – Time in seconds to add to the event temporal marker
    • Colour – Colour to apply to the temporal marker
    • Workflow – Workflow to trigger when event is triggered

Create Workflow Report


Creates an Excel report of all workflows in the system, and when they were last run (if they were run in the last 28 days).


This is useful for checking which workflows are being used and which can be cleaned up.

Report Writer

Writes an Excel report based on running a C# script. The report will be stored as an asset, and can be mailed to the user with the Send Email blidget. Continue reading →

Write Asset Log

Writes out a full audit history for an asset to an Excel document. Continue reading →

SRT Writer

The BLidget writes an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) from BLAM metadata. Continue reading →

JSON Writer

This BLidget writes any metadata relating to an Asset or Assets to a customisable JSON structure. . The BLidget will write out any BLAM data field – core, technical or custom and is most often used to export data for 3rd party systems. Continue reading →

Generate AAF

This BLidget will generate an AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) file from a BLAM Edit Decision List (EDL). Typically used to export the EDL from the BLAM cuts editor to Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid for craft editing. Continue reading →

XML Data Importer

The BLidget reads data from an XML document and sets the values in the BLAM metadata schema. Used to import data from 3rd party systems which are able to generate repeatably, structured XML. The BLidget field mappings are configured using XPaths in the JSON. Continue reading →